About Us

ChemLink Egypt is a professional exporter for premium Egyptian chemicals , minerals , recycled polymers , waste  & Scrap
We have Exported our Below products to the Following countries Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal,Turkey, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya,Tanzania, Morocco, Tunisia

1. Minerals 
Surface Treated Calcium Carbonate Powder,Ground Calcium Carbonate,Coated Calcium Carbonate Powder , unCoated Calcium Carbonate Powder , Lumps , Bricks  Blocks, Bulk,  LimeStone Powder ,Lumps,Bulk,Blocks,LimeStone Bricks, Kaolin Powder , Talc Powder

2. Mining & Quarrying Chemicals 
Ammonium Nitrate Porous Prills (CIVIL Grade)

Crude Coal Tar,Coal Tar Pitch Lumps,Coal Tar Pitch Lumps Pencils,Urea Formaldehyde Resin Powder,Formaldehyde 37-40%,Formalin,Nitric Acid 53-55%

4. Synthetic Fiber Waste 
Polypropylene Yarn Waste,Spun Bond Polyester NonWoven Waste,PolyAmide Yarn Waste , Mixed Nylon 66 & 6 Yarn Waste – Off Grade

5. Natural Fiber (Raw Wool) Carpet Grade
Scoured , Back Washed Wool , Tannery, Greasy & Wool Waste

6. Recycled Polymers 
PET Flakes Hot washed,Polypropylene  Recycled Granules

7. Metal Scrap
Pressed Tin Can Bundles ,LMS Scrap,New Tin Can Bundles , Steel Turnings Scrap